LIVE Salary Negotiation (Mechanics) Workshop - Conference Follow-up

You've attended the BCCDA Webinar "Innovative & Effective Strategies for Coaching Clients on Salary Negotiation" on May 3, 2022 and now you want to see what it looks like putting it into practice!

After this workshop, you will negotiate your salary with confidence! This is a workshop that will be delivered LIVE and will include negotiation plan creation and activities.

Workshop Curriculum

Up-close & Personal
LIVE on Zoom

The course will be held LIVE on Zoom which will allow for discussions with participants and many opportunities for questions.

Companion Workbook

A companion workbook will be available for download to help follow along with the topic and have room to take notes.

Course Registration for
Sun, June 26, 2022 - 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm noon PST

Note: If you attended the BCCDA May 3, 2022 Conference Webinar & registered your email
to be contacted, you should receive an INVITATION CODE via email soon.